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Love the idea of hosting a dinner party but hate the idea of sweating and serving while everyone else has fun?


You’re excited to have people over at your place for a memorable night. You’d love to spend an intimate evening laughing with your friends without being at a noisy restaurant.

But you haven’t hosted a dinner party in forever because… it’s so much work.

Let’s be honest: You’re not Martha Stewart. And you’re not at all interested in hosting a DIY dinner that takes hours to prepare.

We bet you didn’t realize that hiring a private chef to prepare a dinner party isn’t just for the president, the Queen of England, or George Clooney.

You can do it too when you hire an Off Duty Chef.

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Throw the dinner party of the year and enjoy every minute when you hire an Off Duty Chef.

What’s Off Duty Chef?


We’re a matchmaking service for chefs and hosts!

Off Duty Chef is a marketplace that seamlessly matches you with the perfect Chef and the right menu at the right price.

You Pick the Style

Your chef will take care of the details.

You Pick the Chef

View our curated chef profiles.

You Pick the Date

Has planning a dinner party ever been so easy?

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After that?
Your Off Duty Chef does all of the work.

Finally you’ll be able to follow the entire conversation, enjoy an entire glass of wine (maybe even remember where you put it), and experience your own dinner party just like one of your guests.

Your Off Duty Chef will take care of everything:


Menu Planning

After you pick the general menu, you’ll talk with the chef to finalize the delicious details.


Grocery Shopping

You don’t have to worry about the grocery list, shopping stress, or picking up forgotten obscure ingredients at the last minute.


Prepping & Cooking

A professional chef in your kitchen. You can use the extra free time to enjoy your life, play with the kids, or take a bubble bath.


Serving & Cleanup

The party is over. Your last friend just left. And… YOUR KITCHEN IS TOTALLY CLEAN.


Want more great news?

The price per person is all-inclusive. This means no awkward calculating a tip or exchanging money at the end of a perfect evening. (You’ll pay your chef via the Off Duty Chef website.)

The best dinner party you’ve ever thrown is just a few clicks away.

We can already smell the caramelized onions on your stove. Here’s what happens next:


Pick your style

To make it easy, we’ve created three entertaining styles for you to choose from:

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    Cocktail Party cool

    Turn your apartment into the perfect cocktail party venue! Browse menus crafted to complement wine, beer, or your favorite cocktail. (Pairs well with a Thursday night viewing of Scandal).

    Available for 4-20 people.

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    Farm to table bounty

    Enjoy the very best of the season. You know that your guests will love these whole, organic foods at their peak of flavor and the family-style service.

    Available for 4-12 people.

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    White glove classic

    So chic! Chez you! Your friends will never forget your personal, by reservation only pop-up restaurant. (It’s a great excuse to wear those new shoes!)

    Available for 4-20 people.


Pick your chef + Menu


View Our Chefs

You’re inviting a stranger with sharp knives into your home. That’s why each chef is hand-picked for professionalism and personality fit.


Browse the Menus

Each chef has prepared a general menu for your dinner party style.You get to pick the one that looks tastiest!


Pick the Price

All bookings start with a $95 booking fee. After that, you pick your price depending on the chef + menu you choose! Price per-person is all-inclusive


Request + Confirm

Send your request to your preferred chef and he or she will get back to you within 48 hours. You’ll speak with your chef to finalize the menu and party details.

No need to carry cash at your dinner party!

Once you finalize your party details with your chef, you receive an invoice and a link to secure payment. (Off Duty Chef makes it easy to make a secure online payment. By the way, we do not collect your payment information.)


Party’s at your place!

What will you do when you don’t have host(ess) stress?

Our hope is that you’ll have more fun, more laughter, more memories and less stress.

(And we can’t help but to remind you that you won’t have to clean up.)


When does your chef get paid?

The chefs love this process, too! They are artists, not accountants.

The Off Duty Chef booking process creates a space for chefs to express their creativity and see people enjoy their work, not deal with accounts receivable. Off Duty Chef pays them in a timely manner after the event.


Have more questions?

Talk with an Off Duty Chef Concierge!

If you have a custom menu request or need more details, an Off Duty Chef Concierge is here to help you at no extra cost.

To speak with an Off Duty Chef, simply call 347-903-4361 or drop us a note


Why you’ll love booking a private chef via Off Duty Chef

We keep it simple

Our 4-step booking process makes this the easiest, fastest, and most fun way to book a private chef (especially if you’ve never worked with a private chef before!).

We’re built on trust

Want to know more about the chef who is coming into your home carrying sharp knives?

Not to worry, chefs apply to be featured on the Off Duty Chef website and provide bio sketches, photos and answer questions about their personal food likes and experiences.

Our chefs have all graduated from culinary school, have a track record of experience in fine dining and personal chef service, and have passed the “Friend Test” to make sure they’re the exact kind of people you’ll want to have at your home.

We give you peace of mind

Though we don’t expect any glitches in your Off Duty Chef experience, we carry an insurance policy that covers the “What ifs?” for both the client and the chef for the event. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that we have you covered just in case.

We thrive on transparency

You deserve to know exactly what you’re paying for

That’s why there are only two line items on your invoice: the chef’s per person charge for the menu which includes the cost of ingredients, time spent shopping, prepping, cooking and clean up and the $95 Off Duty Chef concierge fee.

The secure payment system avoids surprises for you and the chef. There is no tipping, as the chef includes their profit in the price per person. No money changes hands at the end of the evening. You pay 7 days in advance of the event, and the chef gets paid after the event.

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We value fun, friendship, and great food.

We Respect Talent

Off Duty Chefs are amazingly talented people who have earned the respect of their peers and their patrons. We demonstrate our respect for talent by making it easy for chefs to showcase their creativity, manage their time and be compensated promptly for their work.

We Deliver Value

We strive to deliver value to our clients, as defined by our clients. Clients have a choice in the marketplace; dine out, takeout, cook at home and everything in between. We demonstrate our gratitude for the trust that customers place in Off Duty Chef by providing value in every touchpoint and conversation along the way.

We Have Fun!

This is truly about taking the hassle factors out of sharing food with people that care about each other. It should be fun! We get up every morning happy to find new ways to be of service to our customers, their guests, and the chefs. How cool is that?

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    "I hosted a six course dinner with food paired around the theme of Super Tuscan wines, and the Off Duty Chef hit a home run. We were sumptuously-treated guests in our own home. The biggest surprise was when he mentioned that most of these amazing dishes were new creations he had designed expressly for our evening--he wanted the spirit and taste to blend with every wine. I can't wait to hire him again."

    Donald D'Amico

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    "The food was delicious, he was wonderful and professional, and having a server was extremely helpful. There was lots of eating, drinking, and merriment."

    Tavia Odinak

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    "The Off Duty Chef was great and collaborative. Everything was tasty would definitely use him again!!"

    Kelly Behun

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    "She was amazing. Great food, lovely, professional person, and overall great experience."

    Theresa Driggs


Cancellation Policy

Life happens, plans change. If you have to cancel your event please note that you will receive a full refund if you cancel seven days before the booked event date. Day seven and counting down to the event date, your refund is prorated to cover the Chef’s time and materials in preparing for your event.

Frequently Asked Questions