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To list you on the site, we like to know more about you. We will use this information to build you a profile and help share your skills and cooking style with the clients. Your contact information will not be shared on the site.

Please take a quick tour of the information requested below and call us if you have questions about the requirements for listing yourself on Off Duty Chef. You may also prefer to complete the application over the phone. The Concierge is available to help: 917.620.6506. It can be that simple.

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Please provide two sample menus with pricing. These will be listed on the site with your bio. While these are “sample menus” and you may develop individual menus with each client, these are used to give clients a sense of your cooking style and what you charge for your services. You should include two styles of menus with different price points. The menus should be priced per person and should include the cost of ingredients.
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Please answer the following questions. You don’t have to answer all of them, but the more you answer, the easier it will be to show your personality on the site.

What is your go-to cookbook or website for food?

What is your favorite place to eat?

If money was no object, where would you go to eat?

Where is your favorite place to shop for ingredients in NYC or nearby?

Best borough for food and why?

Favorite place for food when traveling or on vacation?

When I'm not cooking for other people, I like to eat ________

Describe your cooking style using 3-4 adjectives.