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Farm to Table Image

Farm to Table

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Farm to Table Bounty

Farm to Table brings you the best of the season.

Focus is on whole, organic foods at peak of flavor, served Family Style.

Available for 4 to 12 people.




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Cocktail Party Cool

Thursday is the new Saturday night?! Yes, you can throw a cocktail party at your place, whenever.

Pitch perfect foods that work with your favorite cocktails, wine or beer. Just add people and relax.

Available for 4 to 20 people.


Cocktail Party Image

Cocktail Party Cool


White Glove Classic Image

White Glove Classic Dinner Party

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White Glove Classic

Chez you! It’s your own personal Pop-up restaurant. Classical menu interpreted though your Chef’s heart and soul.

The courses: amuse bouche, appetizer, entrée, palate cleanser and dessert.

Available for 4 to 12 people.